For the last 25 years I've been helping businesses large and small achieve their financial and operational goals. As the CFO of many successful companies, I've amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience that I would like to share with other companies. Let me help you navigate the challenges you'll face as you scale your business. I can help you create some best practices that can guide your company for the years to come. 


Scott Heydt, Founder/Captain


Strategic Direction

Whether you are a start-up or a more established company, a strategic vision and plan will take you where you want to go. How well do you know your market? What are the threats and opportunities? Do you have targets in place to measure success? Have you established KPI's to monitor your progress over time? How will you grow your revenue? Do you have strong Banking and Financing relationships? Are you considering an acquisition, or perhaps looking to raise funding? Maybe you hope to sell the company. Or, like most business owners,  you just want to find a way to operate more profitably. Consider me a resource to navigate with you.

Process & Control

All great companies are in control of their finances. In business, cash is the fuel to keep the engines humming as you grow. Cash is essential to invest in staff and infrastructure.  Without a proper budgeting process and sound operating strategies, companies risk running out of fuel before they can reach their intended destination. Talent and ideas are not enough if the company doesn't have enough "fuel" to keep flying. Having the right team, tools and plan are essential for business success. Let me put my experience to work for you.

Managing Growth

Growth in business is proof of success.  But be careful what you wish for. Managing that growth can be incredibly tricky. With growth comes greater human capital needs, larger inventories, and increased capital expenditures that will likely put a strain on cash, real estate, and oftentimes culture.  Let me help you analyze all of these factors to make sure that you can confidently handle this growth and continue your climb in control.